“Some people look for a beautiful place, others make a place beautiful.”


Hello, we’re Angela and Kathy and it’s so lovely to have you stop by!

The co-owners of 52 Hair Co, we originally met in a salon nearly twenty years ago and have remained friends ever since. We founded 52 Hair Co in 2009 and sought healthier and organic alternatives because, over the years, we’ve seen first-hand the damage that conventional colours can do. The difference is remarkable! Not to mention the benefits it makes to our salon, environment, team and clients.



We chose to incorporate a dandelion into our logo because we feel it represents little moments in time that together create something beautiful, meaningful and a little magical. Choosing to create a healthier, happier, community-minded salon for our wonderful team and adding a little ‘magic’ for you our lovely clients is what we’re all about.


We chose James Dunlop’s gorgeous wallpaper as a focal point for our website and our salon because it connects us visually to the vibrant beauty of the natural world and Mother Nature’s kaleidoscope of natural colour.


We are proud to provide a work environment that ensures our team and clients are not exposed to the sorts of chemicals used at traditional hairdressing salons. Refreshingly, there is no chemical smell in our salon so we can all breathe easy!



Our clients are happier because we offer beautiful hair products and services without compromise. Shinier, healthier results from a colour that lasts and can cover grey hair completely, 100%! Our team is happier because working in our salon means they no longer suffer sinus issues, headaches or dermatitis. We love working with products, including a colour range that offers endless options with no more side effects



We are community-orientated and love to help out local schools and sporting clubs in their fundraising efforts. We also hold annual fund-raising `Charity  Week' events where we all dress up and have fun for a great cause. We are proudly a Sustainable Salon, which means we recycle 95% of our waste. The money made from our recycling goes to Oz Harvest who provide meals for those in need.


Our expert team is highly skilled ensuring our clients receive excellent customer service and attention to detail and leave our salon 100% satisfied.  Our team all share in 52 Hair Co.’s healthier alternative philosophy and between us we have years of experience using natural and organic products. We never stop learning, researching and providing ongoing education for ourselves and our team; it's a huge part of our salon's success!

Angela + Kathy, Owners