Our Essendon-based salon is the only one of its kind in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs to offer holistic and comprehensive consultations to clients during their recovery from cancer.


How to prepare your hair for Chemo or radiotherapy.

For most women, partial or total loss of hair is the most traumatic thing they have to face, physically and emotionally after being diagnosed with cancer. It is also one of the most easily disguised. If you are facing the possibility of losing some, or all of your hair:

  • Cut your hair before treatment, so that when it falls out it may appear less dramatic. Thinning hair will look better in a shorter style and will make the hair look and feel thicker. However we do not recommend cutting it too short, go gently, in stages so you get used to each style first because remember there is also a chance they you may not loose your hair at all.

  • Keep a lock of hair to match the colour if you decide on a wig, so the wig consultant can make the best to your natural hair.

  • Use a mild, organic shampoo and light hair conditioner so as not to damage brittle hair. During and after treatment it is important to use products that are gentle and as natural as possible, products that calm, cleanse and rebalance irritated and sensitive scalps naturally.

  • Remember to protect your hair and scalp when out in the sun by the use of wigs, scarves and hats and cotton knit turbans are comfortable to wear as they help with heat loss from the scalp and collect any falling hair.

Hair Care during Treatment for Cancer

During treatment for cancer we recommend the following:

1. Use a gentle shampoo to help prevent the scalp and hair becoming too dry

2. Limit hair washing to two or three times a week at most

3. Avoid vigorous brushing (use an infant comb and brush set)

4. Sleep on satin pillowcase to lessen tangling

5. Avoid excessive heat from hairdryers

6. Avoid colouring or perming the hair

7. Use of a scalp treatment may be suitable, but please consult your doctor beforehand.